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Capture your special event with our exclusive drone videography, whether it’s a wedding, party, concert, social event, conference or movie project. At Harbour Bay Aerial, we thrive on operating in challenging and exciting ways to offer you the most unique vantage point of your event or project.

Drone videography or photography gives your audience a spectacular view of the action and scale of your event. For larger events where standard photos just wouldn’t impress your audience, aerial videography event footage will really make a difference.

In a competitive market, taking pictures or videos with a drone can make all the difference as it can offer eye-catching perspective views that wouldn’t otherwise be seen. We can provide you with premium 4K video content that is tailored to your requirements.

Our commercial aerial solutions are flexible and accessible, meaning we can get our cameras virtually anywhere, accessing the very best, most powerful views of any location. Our highly qualified drone pilots fly superior quality drones and will capture images of your business or project from virtually any angle.


We can provide you with premium imagery that is tailored to your requirements.


With our services, you can get a unique perspective on the world around you, making your project stand out in a congested digital world. 


We aim to exceed your expectations. Our cameras are ultra high definition and stabilised so we can deliver high-quality images and video.



We will be open and honest throughout your project. Our process involves collaboration, which means you will be involved throughout every stage of your project.



We have a 100% safety record, so you can rest assured that we will continuously operate to the highest safety standards. If the project is deemed unsafe, we won’t fly.

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On a remote location project, we can eliminate any logistical headaches with the use of a drone. Instead of hiring a helicopter and pilot, you can simply use our services which makes it more convenient for your business.



Our drones are a lot more manoeuvrable than a normal camera and have the capability to operate indoors and in concealed locations making this a versatile filming option. The more manoeuvrability that is available means that you’ll be able to reach inaccessible locations.



Using a drone for aerial videography and photography means the filming process will be much quieter than a full-size helicopter with a downwash. For example, a drone is less intrusive for directors to record actor dialogue even with our drones filming nearby.



There are situations where aerial photography is required, especially in certain locations unsafe for manned camera operators. Using a drone to film aerial shots is much safer, as there is no more working from a height where people are at risk of falling.

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