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“An aerial portrait is the perfect gift for someone who really loves their home.”

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Your home is usually the biggest investment that you will ever make and now, more than ever, we're spending both time and money to make sure it looks its best and offers us the most comfort and pleasure possible. 


Harbour Bay can offer house portraits that leverage the power of aerial photography to create a beautiful lasting memory of your home – capturing your home and garden from all angles.

A bird's eye perspective is the perfect way to show off your gardens in a totally unique way and create a beautiful image for your wall, that will be sure to be treasured for years to come.

In the past, these aerial images were captured by aircraft on a fixed flight path and at a much greater height, so they lacked some of the detail that is possible now with drones being able to fly much lower and carry a greater resolution camera. Also having a drone pilot on the ground focused on capturing your home at its best, modifying angles and positioning to showcase all the features that you're proud of.

  • Create a lasting memory of your family home

  • Capture your home at different seasons

  • Showcase your home within the setting of your grounds

  • Celebrate parts of your garden that might be hidden from ground level

Prices start from £95 for the standard package

We are based in Poole in Dorset; and can do Aerial Portraits of your home across the South Coast.

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